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Impatience Kills

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

I heard a lecturer say once, "Our impatience kills things." Doesn't matter what his topic was, the truth of that stuck with me. It rings in my ears every time I rush my process and thereby mar hours of creative effort. The first photo depicts the scarf I'd spent hours designing and painting, still on the frame, sitting overnight before being steamed the next day. The next three photos are the result of rushing. While I don't think the scarf is destroyed, the bleeding out of the flowers and the blue spattering is not what I designed.

There are lots of reasons why we rush around in life, and lots of ways that rushing manifests. Maybe a sharp word to someone who is just moving too darned slow for you. Perhaps you're more passive aggressive than that and keep your seething to yourself, blood pressure rising, stress gnawing off minutes from your lifespan. You might be the one that flits from one task to the next like a twirling dervish never realizing the carnage left in your wake, never actually embracing a single moment of life because you're too busy moving on to the next thing. Just for the record, I am any of these three depending on the circumstances!

Our impatience kills things- joy, wonder, peace, beauty. Today I'm thankful for the object lesson of this scarf and have promised myself I will stop and smell the flowers.

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