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Silk Care


Over the years, many people have asked me with fear, "What do I do if I get something on it?!" Silk is a completely organic fiber, and its far more durable than most people in the US realize. I hand wash your silk more than once as a part of my process. You can do the same. In fact, when I am working with yardages of dyed, steam-set silk, I even throw it in my washing machine on gentle cycle with a mild detergent and lukewarm water!

The key to removing stains is to not scrub the silk as this can stress the top layer of the fibers causing a bruise. Instead, generously plop mild detergent on the area, then use your fingers to massage the soap into the stain. Rinse and repeat. If you aren't having luck, invest in a professional textile detergent called Synthropol and try again. Take note that the things that stain most fabrics will stain silk too. However, generally speaking, if you can get the stain out of cotton, it will probably come out of silk too!

After washing, simply wrap your silk flat into a bath towel and gently press to absorb the water. Depending on the item, you can either hang it to dry or immediately begin pressing it while it is still damp. Use the silk setting on your iron without fear. Obviously, items such as large wall hangings or evening gowns are best left to the dry cleaners regardless.

I encourage you to use your CWS silk items freely, without fear, caring for them similarly to your lingerie, stockings, and other gentle wash garments.

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