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Silk Painting 101

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* 4 EASY TO FOLLOW SHORT VIDEOS * 19 PAGE PDF DOWNLOAD BOOKLET * UNLIMITED EMAIL Q&A WITH ME COMPLETE SUPPLY KIT SHIPPED FREE IN 24 HOURS INCLUDES: * 22” SILK SQUARE * 4 PRIMARY DYE COLORS * 2 BRUSHES * 10” SILK PALETTE TESTER * 2 RESIST APPLICATORS W/ RESIST * 4 LENGTHS STRETCHER BARS FOR FRAME * 20 CLIPS WITH STRING TO STRETCH SILK * DYE MIXING TRAY * EYE DROPPER * DYERS TEXTILE DETERGENT * 4 LARGE SHEETS NEWSPRINT (Free shipping DOMESTIC US only. Please contact me for special International shipping arrangements!) The entire course is accessed via this website and available as soon as you make your purchase. Download your PDF Silk Painting 101 Booklet while you wait about a week for your supply kit to arrive in the mail. Log in on this site to watch your video modules. You can start and stop at your own pace, and email me anytime with questions and to share your progress. Contact me for special group pricing if you'd like to use this course for an art class, party or group activity!



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